About Dogs of War

Dogs of War: a first-class esports organization, founded in May 2018. Dogs Of War is currently owned by Omar "RagePanda" Bakhsh. Omar Bakhsh has a vision and a passion for the organization and will do anything to help the organization reach the top. Currently competing in Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, Dogs of War is always looking to expand into other esport titles while the stream team creates content for the Dogs Of War community to enjoy. Dogs Of War was built on the concept of passion. The passion of doing what you love and accomplishing your goals. During a war, a soldier is fighting because of his/her passion for their country and will do anything to accomplish victory. A dog has been used in combat since the history books can remember. They are vicious, relentless, and motivated by one thing: survival. Survival in the esports industry means winning, outplaying and being better than the competition. Be on the lookout, Dogs Of War will do anything to make it to the top.